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Thank you for taking the time to register a pet you have found, or a pet that you have seen that you feel may be lost. We help to reunite thousand of pets every year, and we couldn't do this without your help.

This form can be edited later, fill in as much as you can now but don't worry if you need to come back to fill in some details, such as the pet's microchip number, later. Fields marked with a are required, in order to proceed.

What type of pet have you found?


See the difference between tabby and tortoiseshell
The colours associated with these options can sometimes vary - this is why they are referred to as patterns.
Hover over a colour for the name, maximum of 4 colours allowed.
If you do not have a picture of the pet it is important that you describe their appearance in as much detail as possible. Include any distinguishing features or markings, patterns, colours, temperament, approximate size or weight and so on.

Auto-Match The next section asks questions so our free service Auto-Match can search for matches for the pet you have found.

Auto-Match is a free service developed by Animal Search UK that looks at pets reported to the site and finds pets that could be the pet you have found.

The system is intelligent, accounting for discrepancies and sends you email notifications as frequently as you specify in the section below.

Where & when

This is optional. If you do not know the time, leave this field blank
This is purposely vague in order not to disclose your address. You can however change this if required.
20 miles
This is the maximum distance from where the pet was found that you will receive Auto-Matches for.
What is Auto-Match? Click here for more information.
How often you will receive emails. If there are no new matches since your last email, you will not receive an emailed report.