Scent marker

Encouraging your missing pet to find their own way home and prevent them from wandering further away is done through scent markers. Placing scent markers around your property is a perfect way to help your pet to do this.

What makes a good scent marker?

Anything that smells like themselves or yourself and family. A smell your pet would come into contact daily works best.

Things you can use as a scent marker:
Cat litter box
Pet blankets
Hoover contents - place in a bag and poke a few holes in the bag.
Unwashed clothes
Perfume/aftershave/deodorant sprayed onto an old tea towel
Favourite pet toys (unwashed)
Anything that smells like other pets that live in the home

How far does the scent reach?

Pets are known to have an excellent sense of smell, so they can smell this scent marker from quite a distance. It is highly likely that if your pet is within this radius they will not stray further away.

How often should a scent marker be replaced?

Scent markers should be refreshed weekly to ensure the scent is still strong. If it rains you will need to change your scent marker as the rain will wash away any scent, meaning they will not be as effective.