Found pet Advice

Reuniting a pet with its owner can be a challenging task. Don't fret; we have some useful advice to help you determine the appropriate steps to take.

I have found a stray cat

If you have found a cat or think you have seen a cat that is lost, please try and take a few photos of them and upload the details to our website for free.

If possible, contain the cat safely and securely and take it to your local vet. A vet will be able to scan the cat for a microchip and administer any treatment should the cat require it. Vets are not allowed to charge for this service. If the vet can locate a microchip, it will mean that they can contact the owner immediately in most cases.

If a cat is not microchipped but is fit and well, there are a few options. You may be able to temporarily look after the cat if you wish, while you make efforts to find the owner through enquiries around your local area. This could include posters in prominent locations, leafleting the neighbourhood and sharing the cat's details on our website and local social media sites. If you are unable to look after the cat, please contact local animal charities that can temporarily look after the pet.

I have found a deceased cat

We understand it is never pleasant finding a deceased cat but it is important to notify the right authorities for the owner to get closure. If you find a body please make your local council aware or take the body to the nearest vets. This way they can check for a microchip and let the owner know.

Helpful organisations
Scan Angels: If you need to get your animal scanned, don't worry! You can contact your local scan angel, and they will come out and scan the pet for free.
Cats Protection: If you're having difficulty capturing a wandering pet, reach out to your local Cats Protection branch for assistance. They can provide you with a humane cat trap to get the animal checked over for a microchip.
Cat Chat: If you're searching for temporary placement for a lost cat, check out Cat Chat's website. The site can help you locate local shelters and rescues closest to you. Follow the link to find out more:

I have found or spotted a dog

If you have found a dog or think you have seen a dog that is lost, please try and take a few photos of them and upload the details to our website for free.

The law requires that you report finding/ spotting a dog to your local dog warden. Keeping a dog, you have found and not reporting it to either the police or Dog Warden is an offence. Here is a link you may find useful:

If you have managed to get hold of the dog, we would advise you to organise the dog warden to come and collect the dog or take the dog to the closest vets.