Insurance Company

Many owners are not aware that their pet insurance can be used to help bring their pet home.

Why do I need to contact my insurance company?

It is important to let your insurance company know that your pet is missing as soon as possible and add this information to your policy. This way, if your pet comes home and needs medical treatment, you will still be covered under your policy. They will let you know what you need to do to ensure that your policy remains valid. You just need to give them a call, ideally within the first few days of your pet going missing and follow their conditions.

How can my insurance company help me find my missing pet?

Your insurance company can offer financial assistance too. With the majority of insurance policies your pet will be covered under the Advertising and Reward section of the policy. This covers costs incurred, up to a certain amount, in trying to get your pet home by paying for third party assistance, like our publicity campaigns, and also allowing you to offer a reward to encourage people to come forward with information.

You can use this cover for:
Cost of campaign material- Poster and Leaflets
Cost of paid social media adverts
To offer a cash reward
Cost of animal location services- this is rare and not all insurance companies offer this

How do I claim?

All pet insurance policies and limitations, exclusions and conditions, so take the time to read the relevant sections of your policy carefully. If you are in any doubt at all, ideally contact your insurer using their Webchat facility as this will often give you a written record of their advice. We have also found it common that Pet Insurance Advisers do not understand their own policy: in particular, some advisers will confuse ‘Missing Pet Advertising & Reward’ cover with ‘Missing Pet Compensation’. A key indicator of this confusion is if they advise you that you must wait a certain period of time before you can claim – if they say that to you, they are likely looking at the wrong section of the policy.

Once you have confirmation of your cover directly from your insurance company you will need to submit a claims form. Often you can find this on their website but you can ask them to email you a copy or via the post. After submission of the claims form it can take several weeks for them to process it and payout.